10 ways to Enjoy a Cozy Night In At Home

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The weather has been getting cold and I often just want a cozy night in! Do you guys feel the same? I have put together 10 ways to really make your night in a cozy one! I am mostly participating in long and stressful days 7 days a week but I am pretty skilled when it comes to pampering myself when staying in! I think these simple relaxing ideas are what get me through the hard times over the years! Relaxing at home can definitely relieves stress, make you sleep better and feel more refreshed in the morning.

one // make yourself a cup of hot chocolate

10 ways to Enjoy a Cozy Night In At Home

I think having a cup of hot chocolate anytime of the day is just a plain good idea, especially when it’s winter! Try this hot chocolate recipe! This will warm you up!

two // turn on warm lightbulbs

I love fairy lights and the ones you use for Christmas tree? It’s time to take it down and wrap around your headboard in your bedroom! I hate cool lighting, I would never use any cool lighting for home. I either rely on natural day light or turn on warm lights. If you turn on cool lighting at night, it may interfere with your inner clock too!

three // warm your feet

I love keeping my feet warm because it just heats up your whole body! Pampering your feet is a great way to relax! I am loving these cute pink fuzzy Ugg Slippers.

four // enjoy your skin care routine

I find putting on my skin care products at night really relaxing – especially when I put on a sheet mask. I usually soak my mask with its original packaging in hot water before opening and applying onto my face. Here is my skin care routine that I find really helpful for dehydrated skin!

five // read a book

I love being inspired by new reads. I am currently reading Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

six // watch your favorite show

I blame Netflix for all the binge-watching! I am running out of shows to watch! What are your favorites at the moment? Let’s binge-watch together! XD

seven // take a bubble bath or a nice hot shower

10 ways to Enjoy a Cozy Night In At Home

Everyone loves to take a nice hot bath, men does too! Don’t Lie. Up your game with this detox bath salt!

eight // light a scented candle

My favorite scent is coconut and vanilla. Try this Coconut and Vanilla Soy Candle! Close your eyes and it instantly takes you to your favorite tropical island!

nine // invest in a soft pajamas

I swear by Eberjey, they make the softest pajamas! I love their Gisele PJ Set, it’s not revealing and so classy!

ten // invest in a nice cuddly blanket

You will need this Barefoot Dream Blanket when you are all curled up on sofa watching netflix with your hot chocolate!

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