Barrafina | Best Tapas in London

Squid Ink Croqueta in the bottom // Pan com Tomate on the top 

I landed in London on the 3rd Aug and it’s been a little more than two weeks now.  I am actually in Barcelona at this very moment as I am writing up this blog post. The thing is my partner and I have been so disappointed by the food in Barcelona as we haven’t been able to book in any of the Michelin star restaurants and the ones recommended on tripadviser were just simply overrated. Ironic huh? This London place has better Tapas than Barça. I didn’t order them from the menu but I will try my best to depict the dish name under each picture for you.

The restaurant is called Barrafina and the one I went was on Adelaide Street in Soho London.

The address is 10 Adelaide Street, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4HZ.

In addition to their menu, the restaurant has several options of daily specials, which are often different for lunch and dinner. There is always going to be a line for dinner, just make sure you keep an open mind, the short wait is totally worth it. This dinner was one of my fav highlights during my Europe trip.

 One of their most popular dishes was their tortilla. Personally I am not quite an omelette fan, and as much as I enjoyed the taste of this Spanish omelette, it just gets too heavy and it was hard for me to finish it. 

Deep Fried Anchovies

Bottom line is that Barcelona has made me miss the food in Barrafina so much to an extend where I feel the need to write up an article about this place. Well, it certainly deserves a visit and I can tell you how picky I get when it comes to food ( and everything else lol ).

Here is their menu

Address: 54 Frith Street
Phone: 020 7813 8016

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