Chanel Classic Jumbo Lambskin Single Flap Bag Review

Luxy Theory Jumbo Chanel Bag Review

Let me start off by saying that I did not expect to buy this bag at all, but Christmas deal had me! The bag was marked on sale for around $2000 USD! For a jumbo sized Chanel classic bag, I had to get it! Although this bag is a pre-owned bag, it was kept in such a great condition. It was in much better condition than most of my lambskin Chanel bags. Yes, extremely ashamed of how careless I am when it comes to cleaning and caring for luxury goods.

Pre-owned Chanel Bags

This Chanel bag is from year 2011 and it is a Single Jumbo Flap which has been discontinued by Chanel. All the new Chanel classic flaps come in double flaps nowadays. I personally find the extra cover quite annoying considering this extra flap doesn’t add any positive attributes. Furthermore, the double flap also has less space in comparison. I do not own any brand new Chanel jumbo size bag for that reason but mainly because of the high retail price at $5500 USD. If it wasn’t priced at $2000 for this bag, I would not have gotten one for sure.

However, now that I do own one, I do really like it. I always thought the jumbo size would look huge on my petite sized figure. But when I wear it on my shoulder, it perfectly lays between my waistline and just above my hip and gives an instant classy look to any casual outfits.

Chanel Lambskin Leather

I love the delicate lambskin leather even if it can be harder to clean and care for. The caviar leather in comparison reminds me of the surface of a basketball. It’s not pretty in my opinion, although more durable of course. 

When it comes to buying a secondhand Chanel bag, I often look at the puffiness of the quilted lambskin leather as they tend to deflate over time. I judge the condition based on this one single factor. The puffiness of the bag was also one of the reasons why I purchased my bag in the first place. It was not creased, scratched, nor deflated. Although it has some discoloration, but the leather remains shiny and clean.

Where to buy cheap secondhand Chanel Bags?

While on Vestiaire Collective which is an online consignment store, you may find a lot of Chanel jumbo bags for sale. But none of them were priced at $2000 and for price range below $2500, the condition doesn’t seem to be that great either. I would highly recommend buying a jumbo with a budget of $3000 at least to make sure the condition of the bag is acceptable.


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