Chic Nursing Friendly Tops

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Finding the right nursing top that also allows you to stay chic can be a challenge. I have found these tops from my favorite brands that work just as well as compared to brands that claim to make “nursing tops”.

I stopped buying “nursing tops” after my bad experience from ASOS. I got a top that claims to be a “nursing top”. I was shocked at how big the split in the front was, and how long it was! The length was over my knee and more like a dress than a top. It looked nothing like the picture.

So I figured, I would better off invest in quality¬†clothing that I would wear all the time even after I stopped breastfeeding. These buttoned down shirts and wrap shirts are perfect for work and allow you to look chic from 9 to 5! The scoop neckline tees are my go-to “nursing tops” as you can quickly¬†pull down from the front and feed a frustrated hungry baby!

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