The Dinner Date.

luxy theory dinner date boyfriend Monkey 47 Gin

I will probably regret naming this post ‘The Dinner Date’, knowing there will be so many more to come… But everyday with you, my love, is worth celebrating. As always, he ordered his favourite Gin & Tonic and I will ask for Monkey 47.

luxy theory dinner date boyfriend

We ordered chicken for the night at The Pawn. I really feel this photo, but…


Homemade is always the best. I was craving for another chicken for supper and Vince made this for me. It tasted too good ( I almost cried, it was so delicious ), not trying to be mean but it was better than the restaurant. Chicken, garlic and celery, pinch of salt and some pepper, he said. There you go, his recipe.

luxy theory dinner date boyfriend

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