Gender Reveal!

I could have found out the gender long ago if I did the MaterniT21 test when I was at 13 weeks, but because of the bad experiences I had from my two previous doctors, I had to change to a doctor recommended from a friend which has a long waiting list. I waited for a month to see him and he was AMAZING! It was a hassle free appointment and I did the 4D ultrasound as well as all required blood tests. He is going to deliver my baby in March!

Boy or Girl?

18 weeks boy ultrasound gender reveal penis

It’s a boy! I am over the moon as most people from my family side almost always carry a girl! But my first instinct was a boy! I actually posted a picture long ago on instagram with hashtag #it’saboy when I was in my first trimester. Many of you have been guessing whether it’s a girl or a boy based on the look of my bump I shared on Instagram. Congratulations to those of you who have guessed right!

Do you think he looks more like me or Vince?
4d ultrasound baby boy 18 weeks

boy or girl old wives tale

Most people would come up to me and say the bump looks pointy and I am carrying low. It has to be a boy. ( Well, they are right! haha ) However, some people have said I looked like carrying a girl bump because of the way I look. They say if you carry a boy you will have more acne ( myth ) , but on the opposite, my face had never been more clear! Except, my skin do get more sensitive if I use certain skin care products. So I just abandoned all my skincare products. I now only wash my face with Cetaphil basically.

A friend of mine is also pregnant!

A dear friend of mine from Australia we met in Uni is also pregnant! She is carrying a girl and when we compared our bumps on Whatsapp, our bumps looked so different! I wish I could show you, but it wouldn’t be nice to reveal her private bump pictures to the public! Basically, her bump appeared more flat around the belly button area, whereas mine would be a much lower bump with a pointy view from the side.

My baby’s first kick!

On the 9th October 2016 ( 16 weeks ), I felt my first kick! It was such a strange feeling. It feels like a goldfish swimming around your womb. Not very pleasant if I must be honest but I felt really close with my baby! It’s like an instant connection there, so beautiful.

Baby Boy Shopping!

Since I now found out it’s a boy! I can start shopping! I know there are so many other things that are more important than clothes, but at this stage, I am just taking baby steps! At least I know we need a stroller and a crib!

Vince loves Nike, so I am sure he would be pleased with these baby boy sneakers! We also have a lot of travel plans too so this travel crib would most definitely come in handy! Did I mention Vince also plays basketball? I am sure he would love to start training his son! This basketball set would help! Oh wait, age 5 and up! Haha… Never too early to start planning! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I am finally starting to feel better after the first trimester so I am going to start my blogging and vlogging life again! Although, making videos do take a much longer time. Let’s see what we can do!

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