Happy One Month Old Baby Boy!


We are celebrating Lukie’s one month birthday tomorrow night and this little man is so loved by everyone. We went out to our favorite mall in Kowloon called Element ( a quiet one as compared to Central or Causeway Bay ) to pick up his outfit for tomorrow and our washing machine ended up breaking down so we are not able to wash his new outfit for tomorrow. Bummer.

Let me just say, wow, taking your newborn out in a stroller ( we are using the Bugaboo, we love it! ) is a lot of work! You will no longer take the closest route like what you would normally do. In fact, you almost always end up finding the furthest escalators to get to your destinations.

Hiding in a corner to feed your son won’t be a surprise too, he will cry unexpectedly and I am still not comfortable pulling down my bra on the street. He will also throw up, and you will panicky and you will turn into a ninja and clean him up. I am sorry, did I just run a marathon? Because, it definitely feels like it.

Lucas was still wearing those teeny tiny newborn onesies when he first came home. None of those fit anymore! He is growing up so fast! His legs are too long for his onesies too! Lucas, I can’t wait to see you play basketball. Your dad would be thrilled! 🙂

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