Home Boy: Sweatshirt & Boyfriend Jeans

I honestly think blogging is no easy task. The online world is just too difficult to explain to people what it is. I am not a full time blogger, but I love fashion so I try to document my every outfit and make them into an outfit post as often as I could. The problem I face is well, sometimes when I finally got the time, the weather is just terrible. Today, I took these set of pictures under very low light, it was like 7pm. I was on my way for a dinner with my girls at this new restaurant that was totally over-rated and waited for 2 hours in line. ( Never going back again ) I got my new sweatshirt from StyleStalker via Goodnight Macaroon few days ago and they are so versatile. I will definitely be wearing it a lot this winter. I am quite happy with the price I got too, their stuff is usually quite pricy but this new line called Tee by StyleStalker is quite affordable. Hope you guys enjoy my outfit post today! Much love xx