Interior Design: Home Living Room Décor / Work with small spaces in an Apartment

If you read my About Me section, you will probably know that we just got our first apartment in Hong Kong! We don’t have much space to work with, so I am sharing some of my Work With Small Space Ideas with you all today. As you can see from above, I really enjoy the clean and classic designs but I think I might be going for something like the last picture where it has a chic black and white window / wall detailing and a classic wooden flooring. I really like those leather sofa in white and it goes so well with the white cowhide leather carpet as well. One tip to make your living room more cozy and warm is to add in a furry throw. 
I think a key to working with small space is Do Not Put Too Much Furnitures.  Having too much furniture will only make your house look even smaller and it can be “messy” looking. I know it is really hard when it comes to shopping for furnitures or home decorations, especially when I am in Pottery Barn…But at one point, we just need to stop shopping so much. We don’t want to end up with unwanted furnitures…



Stunning xo

nancy john

These are the perfect interior design for a home. Its like a dream house of anyone. Also these designed houses shows the luxuriousness by their amazing interior design.

Roman style decor


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