How I found out I got pregnant

It was Tuesday morning on the 12th July, this day changes everything.

I went to my OB/Gyno early in the morning and found out I was pregnant!?

I haven’t been feeling too well lately, especially after my London trip. I was having mild cramps at my abdominal area which I rarely experience even with period on its way, sleeping for 20 hours a day. I was just feeling really tired. I went online and look up my symptoms. The results started showing ‘early pregnancy’.

But I didn’t even thought I was able to conceive because of my PCOS. I quickly ruled that out. This led me to thinking I must be in big trouble, if I am not pregnant, I am most likely having some serious conditions. I needed to go check ASAP!

I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and it was quite a bad one. Usually women who are overweight can improve their conditions significantly by having a better diet or losing a few pounds. However, I was not overweight which means if I lose a few pounds I might even become underweight. The doctor told me that my conditions were worse than women who are overweight with PCOS. The cause was not found as everything seem normal from my blood test. I quickly assumed it must have been stress from work.

I have very irregular periods, in fact I have had only one normal period in six months. Sometimes I will experience some spotting in between. Hence, I wasn’t even ovulating and my doctor was saying if I want a baby in the future, it can get more difficult to conceive as they will need to prescribe me with fertility drug to stimulate an ovulation and success rate is lower too.

For those of you who didn’t know about my past ( if you want to know more about my marriage and divorce, you can watch my Get to know me video that I posted in the past ), I was divorced few years ago and I did also try for a baby back then for a year without success. So I know conceiving naturally was not an option for me.

This is what happened

I went into my OB, and she started with ultrasound and said my uterus lining was so thick she could barely see anything! She asked about the date of my last period and I said maybe May or June, I don’t know. She then said this doesn’t look like a two month “blockage”. You need to induce a period with Provera right away. This is important because if women let lining to build up without taking contraceptive pills or Provera. It can lead to ovarian cancer and in my case, if I don’t take care of my condition and induce a period monthly, I will most likely have cancer by the age of 30.

This is where all the fun starts

She asked if I did a pregnancy test, I said no. Of course because I thought I can’t have a baby naturally. But as a doctor, she recommends taking a test anyways to rule out any possibilities.

Nothing is impossible in this ordinary world

I came back from leaving her with my sample, and we sat down for a chat as usual. She is always friendly! She started saying ok the test is not ready, let’s give it a few more minutes. I have never heard her saying that, she usually goes with ok ‘not pregnant’, let’s go ahead with this and that. I have done a few tests in the past with her as I have an irregular period, she will always do a pregnancy test before prescribing me with any medications needed at the time.

She turned around from her little Alere HcG Urine test and asked, “Are you having the baby if you do become pregnant?”. I answered yes quickly as abortion was never in my list and I truly believe every baby is a gift from God. She then turned around and smiled. She said great! Congratulations then! You are pregnant!

Wait, WHAT!?

I was so surprised, having mixed feelings, but really extremely happy about the news. I was shaking. I quickly wanted to run out and tell Vince who was sitting down at the reception area waiting for me. My doctor stopped me and said “Sit down, I know you are excited but let’s go through what you can and cannot eat!” This sounded important so I sat. Still shaking by the way.

She prescribed me a 2 month supply of Folic Acids

These little pills look so cute, I didn’t get much sleep last night. But somehow, after taking my first folic acid supplement, I feel less tired and also sleep better. Maybe I just feel relieved after knowing I wasn’t dying. 

This Changes Everything

luxy theory pregnant BFP! Early Pregnancy Result Positive Test Pregnancy Blog Mom Blogger

If I did a test at home, I won’t ever think that would consider as a positive test result AT ALL. I was like is there even a line!? She said you are quite early on I would suggest you to get a blood test as well to check how far along you are as well as monitor your progress. As 1 out of 50 pregnancies fall into ectopic pregnancy where it can endanger the mother’s life. Oh, thank you. That doesn’t sound worrying at all. Eek.

So it’s done for the day

I walked out slowly and looked at Vince from far. He asked so How was it? We both looked at each other and knew the answer. You should have seen our faces, it was priceless. The true face of million mixed feelings altogether but all in all really excited and happy for our new little miracle. I hope my little bean is all well, and I hope to share my journey with you all! I hope this can be a place to keep all my friends and family updated. Comment below if you are expecting too or share your pregnancy stories if you don’t mind! I would love to hear them all!



Congratulations!!! I have been following your youtube channel since the beginning of last year and I am so happy and excited for you! Thanks for sharing this informative blog post on your how you found out the news and your little bean is such a miracle baby!
Can you also write a post on the love story of you and Vince? How did you guys meet and fall in love? I’m just so curious about this story too!! <3 <3


    Sorry that it took me awhile to reply! Im finally back to blogging full time! I will make a post on how we met soon! You’d be surprised! Stay tuned! x


      OMG! Can’t wait! Thanks for reply!


congratulations Again…Take Care… more….eat more dairy food…if you have the appetite


Omg! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you !!!!!!

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