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Sleep Deprived But Still Alive in a Pretty Lace Dress

Forgive me, but don’t we all momma deserve to be in a pretty dress after a long hard delivery? I have missed this! The feeling of zipping up a pretty lace dress! It’s been almost a year since I wore a zip up dress! I am wearing a For Love & Lemon dress here, and below I have linked my current favorite dresses suitable for all momma who are eager for a new dress!

In all honesty, I think I have only started losing the baby weight after two months. I don’t know how these Instagrammers just pop out the next day after giving birth and showing abs!? I am certainly not one of those.

I still remember the first day after giving birth, my mom asked if I was still waiting for labor as my belly was still HUGE at the time. I look no different to when I was pregnant honestly, probably worse with the horrible water retention I had. I still remember I had to pee 12 times on the same night I gave birth. But everything takes time and I am glad I have now fully recovered.

I am no expert on giving you proven tips or steps for working your way back to your prepregnancy body. I am merely sharing some of my personal experiences and in hope they will work out for you too.

Get Up & Get Out

Just moving around feels great after having a baby. Even though all moms are probably sleep deprived who are we kidding right? Just get out and shop for a pretty dress will burn approximately 150 calories. That’s pretty much all you need in the early days after giving birth.


Apparently when you’re breastfeeding, you need an extra 500 calories a day. No wonder, I eat like an elephant all the time! Breastfeeding burns 600-800 calories a day, even if all you do is sit comfortably and feed your baby, you could still be losing weight. Wonderful.

I think just with breastfeeding alone, my weight had dipped more than 10 pounds since giving birth. In fact, I think my weight had dipped below my prepregnancy weight. I see significant slimmer arms too, which I have always feel insecure about.

Take naps

I am lucky, because Lucas’ grandma has helped us out a lot during the day so I tend to take naps whenever I can. I think sleep must have something to do with weight lose. I think whatever you need to do, don’t sacrifice sleep for it especially in those early weeks. I couldn’t sleep at night as I had to breastfeed Lucas every hour or so. It gets better after six weeks though. I think naps really helped with my metabolism and water retention.

Eat Smart

I think this is a broad topic, and I shall expand this into a larger thread. However, I find packing your postpartum body with healthy nutrients is not only important for your breastfed baby. It’s also very important to keep your energy level up.

I usually start my day with a lactose free low fat milk or almond milk with oatmeal, two hard-boiled egg for protein, and some fruits on the side. Lots of water for sure! Then I just snack my way up with either banana with peanut butter or an apple! I need so much food! Sometimes I have late lunch during those busy days at the office, I eat a lot of rice and noodles for carbs. I also love to use avocado instead of mayo for my chicken sandwich or drizzle lots of olive oil onto my salad. I know I eat a lot of healthy food but once in a while, I always fail at my last meal of the day. I just can’t resist fried chicken wings, they are SO GOOD! I just keep eating, I think breastfeeding makes me really hungry! Who’s with me! All momma out there, please back me up here!

Drink Lots of Water

I stock a lot of Volvic Mineral Water at home because I love drinking water and I love the taste of Alkaline water. With a pH above 7, it makes Volvic water taste sweeter naturally. Each bottle is 1.5L, and I drink at least two bottles each day. It really helps with my water retention and flushes out all toxins in the body. It’s also very gentle on the stomach.


I have managed to convince Vince to join me for Yoga. He actually loves it! I think it’s helpful to connect with your partner for regular exercise. Yoga classes range from beginners level to advance. It gives us a lot of flexibility and with different options, it keeps it fun! We see results as soon as we finishes our third sessions! When we are really up for it, we tend to do Vinyasa or Hatha. But for days when we are feeling really tired, we jus take it easy with a Yoga Therapy or Yin.



Breastfeeding will definitely make you hungry! I’m eating a lot more carbohydrates: bread, rice, etc and just calories in general and I’ve stayed at a good weight. Those are all good tips!


love the dress x

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