Long-haul Flight Essentials

Luxy Theory Long-haul Flight Essentials Travel Essentials for Winter 2018

  1. Reversible Merino Wool Cape // 2. Aglow™ Face Mist, 30ml // 3. UGGpure™ Pompom Short Rain Boot Sock // 4. AERIN BEAUTY Travel Comb // 5. Cozychic Lite® Lounge Pants // 6. slip™ for beauty sleep ‘Slipsilk™’ Pure Silk Sleep Mask // 7. Time is Now 2018 Daily Diary // 8. Classic Victoria aviator-style acetate and gold-tone sunglasses // 9. leather passport case & luggage tag set // 10. The Moisturizing Soft Cream // 11. Laundry Bags & Case // 12. Penelope Bralette // 13. Kaden Mule // 14. Astyll 3-Piece Marbled Luggage Set

Long-haul Flight Essentials

Happy 2018 friends! I am sharing my top tips on the in-flight essentials to pack for a long-haul flight today. Before I had Lucas, I fly at least 8 times a year form short to long-haul, and over the years, I have curated my own set of in-flight travel essentials that helps with any discomfort you may experience during your flight!

New Year Resolution: Travel

One of my new year resolutions this year is to travel! I am finally getting Lucas’s passport this month so I can’t wait to travel with this little one. 2017 was a time of rapid life changes and I expect this year too shall be, but I feel like making time for the family is equally important, I mean I will never be done with work!

In-flight Essentials

Not sure about you – but I feel like long-haul flights are not the most exciting but with my list, it can be! I get so tired especially if I can’t sleep! I recommend bringing your own eye mask so you can get some essential shut-eye. I have also found the warmest socks to keep your feet warm and combat any post-flight puffiness.

An Extra Layer

I can’t live without capes! This reversible Burberry cape is my favorite! It looks chic and works great as a blanket on the plane!

My Go-to Moisturizer

If you want to look fresh even after a long-haul flight, I would highly recommend bringing a jar of La Mer soft cream with you. It is the only product that keeps my skin stay hydrated for long hours. I know oil free or light-weight cream may feel great at first, but trust me your skin will suffer after long-hours from the dry air in-flight. Don’t forget to mist your face with this whenever you feel like it!

Must-have Luggage Set

Last but not least, if you are going to bring a family, you will need a lot of suitcases. I am a big fan of marble and pretty much everything marbled. Can you just picture my excitement when I see these 3-piece Marbled Luggage Set! I was shocked at the price too! You get three luggages when you can’t even get one from Rimowa and mine broke so many times!

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