5 Pairs of Jeans Every Woman Should Own

Luxy Theory Style Guide: 5 Pairs of Jeans Every Woman Should Own

Heather Grey Sweater by Goodnight Macaroon // The Legging Super Skinny Jeans by AG Jeans // Chanel bag

5 Pairs of Jeans Every Woman Should Own

  • White Jeans

I am married to white jeans. Everyone knows I am a closet staple junkie. I just keep on buying the same type of things over and over again. Hence, I can almost always answer your questions if you want to know whats the best t-shirt, or the best pair of boots, or the best pair of white jeans in this case. If you haven’t found ‘the one’, you can stop searching right now. Because I am about the tell you the one pair of white jeans that every woman should own. The only pair you really need are these AG Legging Ankle Jeans. It truly fits like a glove, I am 5’1 so I can never quite find the right length for such short legs! I am not saying they are the perfect length for me, but because they are stretch-fit, even if I just fold it in, it looks seamless. I usually wear size 25 for jeans, and these are true to size. The fabric is super soft and it doesn’t have that see through problem that comes with many white jeans. For more white jeans outfit ideas, you can find my old outfit posts here.

  • Skinny Jeans

There are so many different brands that carry skinny jeans but very few of them make good ones. Apart from AG Jeans which is my absolute favourite, DL1961 is also a good option apart from the good old Levi’s. But these Hudson grey jeans are really getting all my attention. You can recreate the following look. It goes perfect with lilac or pink coats. A great option is this Sami Shawl Neck Coat that I’ve worn on my Instagram few weeks ago.


luxy theory grey jeans outfit

  • Boyfriend Jeans

You might think as long as it’s baggy, it will make the perfect boyfriend jeans. Truth is, it’s so much harder to find the perfect ‘relaxed fit’. I am way more picky when it comes to boyfriend jeans. The perfect boyfriend jeans shouldn’t be too ripped, too oversized nor too long. It has to be baggy enough but not looking too ‘oversized’ at your hip area. If you can’t find the perfect boyfriend jeans like myself, go for this- The Principle Girlfriend Jeans, us girlfriends just know better I guess 😉 If you want a classy look, you should always wear a classic point toe pumps or flats, you can find more shoe options in my last post. Here is an outfit inspiration for you and I have also linked a full outfit option below.

how to style boyfriend jeans luxy theory

Luxy Theory 5 Pairs of Jeans Every Woman Should Own

  • Colored Jeans

I’ve always loved a good pair of leather pants ( you can find more leather pants option here ), but these leatherette legging ankle jeans are so much fun, and they are in my favourite burgundy red! AG! What are you doing to me! Don’t be afraid to buy colored jeans because we have Pinterest for outfit inspirations, you will never run out of outfit ideas. Don’t forget to follow my boards, you will love it!

  • Cropped Jeans

The one fashion tip that all girls should know when styling jeans is knowing what the perfect length is. To achieve a stylish look overall, the perfect length should be 2 inches above your ankle. Let’s take a look at the ideal length from Alexa Chung. You don’t have to tailor everything in your wardrobe, just fold it in and make it work.

luxy theory cropped jeans white alexa chung

Here is a bad example for jeans that are too long for you. When your jeans are too long, it’s just not flattering at all especially if you prefer having the clean proper casual chic look.

the perfect cropped jeans luxy theory



hi Monica,

Thanks for your sharing, Totally agree with you that a pair of good jeans can made your outfit more easier and stylish.

I am sorry to hear about your bad luck in 2015. It’s great to know you find your way to recover it and share with us. Always support you and all the best in 2016.

I can’t wait for your next sharing .

Cheer up


    Thanks for reading my post! Yes I think having a few pair of must-have jeans are definitely way to go! xx


Hello Monica,
I’ve been following your channel and Instagram for a long time and I really enjoy your classy style.
I love how to stick to basics but somehow look so effortless and chic.You have impeccable taste!>:)
As for this post,I mostly wear skinny jeans(frame denim),boyfriend jeans are just not my cup of tea.Those AG jeans have my interest smarked.
I would love to see a post on top handbags you think every woman should own.As for your vlogs(congratulations on moving) interior design,fashion and food that sort of thing is nice to see.
Have a great day!


    Thank you so much for following me all along. Yea I agree, Im not so much of a boyfriend jeans person, but I still like them, not as much as skinny jeans though. I will be updating a full home tour video very soon and I will also be doing a post on top handbags this weekend. 🙂 x


Are you able to share more about yourself? I enjoy your fashion posts but I find fashion blogs that talk about the author also makes it more personable to read for eg, what you do, your style inspirations, etc


    Hi Jean,

    Thank you for your feedback. To answer your questions, yes I can certainly share more about myself through my blog in the future as well as through my upcoming videos on my youtube channel. I am 24 year old and I started my business 4 years ago. I am an owner of an online boutique. I am also a co-founder of a fine jewelry line. This year, things are running smooth and more stable in my company so I have decided to allocate more time for blogging as well as becoming a youtuber. I am a fashion enthusiast, so I mainly share styling tips and my looks. My style inspirations usually come from Pinterest, and you can find my account here: https://www.pinterest.com/luxytheory/ I absolutely love Olivia Palermo’s style, and I also admire the simplicity and elegance you find in Miranda Kerr’s looks. They are my favorites. Let me know if you have more questions! Have a lovely day dear x

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