My Boyfriend.

Hello my lovely readers 🙂  I just got my order from this morning. I was so excited but also disappointed with the size I got. They are too big for me unfortunately, but I really like the style! I wanted to show you guys how to style boyfriend jeans, so here is my first look styling this popular style from Boohoo. If you usually wear size UK 8, this will fit perfect but I am usually a size UK 4-6. Hence, slightly too big :(((( boohoo :((((

Look of the Day
Boyfriend Jeans – Boohoo
Plain White Tee – Style Nanda
Sunglasses – Ray-Ban
Bag – Lindy Hermes
Belt – ASOS

I loveeee this scarf :)))))  >>  Scarf from NIMLI



Lovely Blog and style! can't believe i can find a fashion blog like yours in Hong Kong :)will definitely come back everyday to check on your latest post.

I'm also trying to take some decent pictures and update my blog regularly but it's so hard to do it since i'm working full time with 2 kids.

Anyways, love your blog so much. Keep it going 🙂

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