My Skincare Routine


1. Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula $19.5 Did you know you are supposed to use this scrub before washing your face with their mild soap? I was informed by the lady over at Clinique and I swear it works wonder. In fact, I used to wash my face with their mild soap then use the scrub, well, nothing wrong with that, and I actually still repurchase because it is the BEST scrub ever but it does leave you more clog pores if you do not wash it with soap afterwards because it is quite “oily” since its a cream scrub. For $19.50, if its not worth it. Please come and hit my head. 

2. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap ( I use Mild ) $16.5 What works for me might not work you. I have combination skin where my cheeks are dry and T Zone is slightly oily during the day. If you want to find out about your skin type, you can take an online test over at Clinique here.

3. Clinique Repairing Laser Focus Eye Cream $43.5 My step 3 is my eye cream, I used up half of my jar and I take a small pea size and rub between my fingers to “melt” it before massaging onto my under-eye. I don’t think it does anything particularly AMAZING. But it keeps the skin under my eyes feeling very comfortable. My eyes are always itching and very sensitive to all cosmetic products, but this doesn’t irritate my skin at all. BUT, i don’t think it’s moisturising enough to use alone so I found this amazing 5. Lotus Eye gel from FRESH $48.00 which works wonder! You can use it alone or prep it under make up!

Well, I am not too sure if it does “reset” the clock for your skin according to their description, but it surely does make your skin look better when you wake up in the morning! I am a light sleeper and any little noise can wake me up from my sleep, and for instance, today I slept for less than 4 hours but my skin still looks healthy and fresh without those open pores!

6. Rosebud Salve: Okay, this is recommended by my gorgeous friend Mariana. We went to Vancouver together for ski trip last month and the weather was so cold and she shared her lip balm with me! I can’t help but bought 10 of these home because what could go wrong with $6 each. 


Jenny Tsang

want to give the scrub a try! 😉

Nikoline schalck lunøe

Wish i could afford great skincare product :-/ <3

Federica Di Nardo

Must try!

The Cutielicious

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