My Small Office Before and After!

Owning my own office has always been a dream of mine, but I always get told how I should live my life and never really believed I should get one.

One day, I just got fed up by everyone telling me how I should live my life, and I moved out. I moved out after my divorce years ago and started my new adventure.

I met Vince along the way, started working together and now we are having a baby boy soon. My best friend, he supports me in everything I do. I wanted an office, and the next thing he started doing was drawing up my office ideas. Everything happened so quick!


We are both workaholics and most of the time we just get really tired. We usually fall asleep anywhere, me on the office’s floor with Cody…


or during dinner for Vince.



Our office was actually done ages ago, but with so much travelling to do before. I didn’t have the time to post about it. So here we go.

I can see why Cody was shocked… We took down a completely old building and renewed into this new work space for us.






So that was pretty scary…


We were so impatient when it was still in progress. I still remember us sneaking up at night and peaking from outside. We were really excited about the office. We would just sit down on the floor and smile to each other! It was dusty but nice!






One proud kid! We were so happy about the office! It’s not a big office or anything fancy and you have probably seen many other bigger projects that look much nicer. But this little work space means a lot to us and we just want to share our life with you all!


Now I use this space for mirror selfies mainly as I didn’t know what to do with the space. But I just hate the carpet, so I got rid of that now.



We have an open space for shooting with the models who came in for casting. But now I am about to turn it into my personal space. Can’t wait to start decorating my desk for blogging.


So here is another model casting on this side of the office, we have a rack for clothes. This side of the office is going to be MY space where I can work on my new collection. I will probably add in a mirror and a desk! Yes! I will be launching my new label soon! I mean I have always been running my online store but selling things that don’t represent my own style is killing me. I am really just going for it this time and launching a luxury line that screams Luxy Theory.


Having dreams and goals together have been an amazing journey. I can’t wait to share more of our life here on Luxy Theory!


Morgan Parlett

Your new office is just beautiful! I love the light and open space. You are truly such an inspiration to me, as I would love to open my own online home decor boutique! I just love how you work so hard for everything you do and your style is just impeccable. You are truly such a classy lady! I always struggle with outside opinions, and what my family thinks is a good or bad choice for me. I try not to let the voices effect my choices, but it’s so difficult!

Thank you for sharing a more personal side to your life and business. I can’t wait to see and shop your new line soon!

Happy Monday!


    Thank you so much Morgan! Yes I agree it’s hard to block out the voices sometimes! I love your blog and style and I look forward to seeing your new posts everyday! xx


Dear Monica,

Sometimes I get remarks or questions why don’t I work from home, run everything online and save the rental money. I think it’s important to separate work from personal and vice versa. Home is where I share that privacy with my husband and when it comes to work, I want a space that I can splash my ideas across and it is also a little respect that I want to have for my business and clients.

I fully support your decision on setting up an office space/studio. You have great taste and it is so evidence in the renovated office. Look forward to see your new line soon, safe delivery and a Happy Lunar New Year.

(the lady who bought an MK bag at your recommendation)


    Thank you so much, Shirley! It’s so true that we all need to separate our personal life with work. I can’t wait to share my new line with you! xx

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