My Special Weekend

Bikini: Agent Provocateur || Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Having spent the day soaking up the sunshine, I was ready for a little more human interaction…

These boys were feeling extra “Abercrombie”…
For the indoor ladies, we have our lovely couple on the left, and this handsome fella is the host of this beautiful house!
If you want food, you must turn to the right…
Then, you shall see this huge kitchen with an awesome dining table…
As the sun started to creep away, BBQ & Grilling were all we needed, and where better than a dinner with a home like this? Oh and those unforgettable grilled lamb chops… These people are impeccable, the drinks are cracking and the food is just heaven…
So dinner was finished, the night begins! *drum roll*
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Some people were drinking on the back, some were singing karaoke, you get the idea! So these happy people were looking good, and I was just too drunk to be seen anywhere now… Nothing was better than getting drunk in a band room with karaoke and knowing your bedroom was just next door… Happiest weekend ever. Thanks for the invite, Joe. x

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what an amazing home! i'd have fun too 🙂

Deborah A

That is such a beautiful home and it looks like you all had fun!

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