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Goodnight Macaroon White Chiffon Blouse // H&M Embroidered Shorts // Chanel bag // Saint Laurent Sunglasses  ( more aviators on Nordstrom ) // Stuart Weitzman Sandals

I have been running my blog on and off for quite some time now, and while building up a business on the side. I have not had the chance to focus on blogging fully. On the other hand, I started filming back then and have shared my personal shoes and bag collection on my YouTube channel. It blown my mind with the number of views I got and have gained nearly 10K followers on YouTube. I am super excited about that and planning to host a luxury giveaway for my followers! Thank you all! I will continue making new videos every week!

While I have not been able to blog fully, I am now more freed up as the business started to fall into place and I can finally blog and vlog officially about my life on Luxy Theory. For those of you who have followed me since the very beginning, you might have noticed how I talk very little about finding great deals online like many other fashion bloggers do. If you are looking for styling tips for on sale items specifically, my blog might not be right for you, because I seldom shop from on sale sections. I just find them really overwhelming and unorganized sometimes ( yes, even for online stores, I just hate wasting all that time finding the right shoe size and get disappointed when all they have is an extremely small size 34 or huge ‘men sized’ shoes or a huge bra size that I can never fit into. Its just devastating! )

I am sure you may have spotted me in H&M clothing or Zara or Forever 21, they do have really great clothes sometimes and I don’t mind sharing them with you because I know they will look great and really worth buying it! But if I must choose one, Zara is among the best quality and style then H&M and Forever 21 is generally just cheap in terms of quality, but you can also find some great piece occasionally.

Honestly, I have had tons of sponsorship sent to me and rejected them because I honestly didn’t think the product was good enough for you from a customer point of view. I would have returned it even if I have purchased it myself. I am generally a very picky person when it comes to styling, hence I just can’t accept the fact that I get paid for sharing what is unflattering on my body. I am short and not the skinniest girl in the world, as a normal girl who wears size UK 6 and with a 5’1 figure. I pretty much am stucked with wearing really good petite cut clothing or  certain brands or styles that would look good on me.

Anyways, shopping online can be tricky sometimes, and I only shop at a few online stores to make sure to receive the best quality, shipping time and also the easiest returns when the products don’t fit.

Best Online Shopping Sites for Women

The first shop I absolutely adore is shopbop, because they have new items in store all the time and they deliver to me really quickly, usually within 3-5 working days and I live in Hong Kong.

However, their products tend to be more pricy, if you are looking for casual clothing under $50, it would be quite tough to find great piece with a good price there. I always navigate to the Top Sellers page on Shopbop to ensure I learn what everyone is loving each season, it’s probably just a work habit from running a clothing store myself. Just love seeing what everybody likes! Right now, everyone is really loving the off the shoulder trend, and this pink off the shoulder dress is my favorite! But you can’t go wrong with this classic fitted dress by Alice + Olivia either if you have a great figure! I am not surprised at all how this dress has made it onto their Hit List, it’s truly a beauty!

luxy theory cmcoving southern curls and pearls sundress Online Shopping Site Review

The second piece I am really diggin’ is this beach dress by Sundress, this picture is from Southern Curls & Pearls. Caitlin is such a beauty and her looks are always super cute! This dress is really eye-catching and probably not so much of my own style but there is just something super addictive about this dress, you just can’t take your eyes off those cute tassels! It comes in so many different color combo too, it’s killing me!


I am sure you have seen this Unicorn Floaty here and there on Instagram or Pinterest, just anywhere on the internet really. Search no further, you can buy this Inflatable Unicorn Floaty on ShopBop!

Here are more products that I adore from ShopBop, hope you guys enjoy these everyday, casual items that I have picked!

Nordstrom is my other go-to online store when it comes to shopping for everyday clothing at a more affordable price range.

The good thing about Nordstrom is that they carry from really low priced everyday clothing to luxury designer clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. The only thing I am not very happy about is the high postage to Hong Kong, I always place a huge order and it cost me nearly $1000 for postage last time. It was abit crazy given the amount of money I paid for an order on Nordstrom, I was expecting a bit of a discount on postage at least. Shopbop offer free shipping when your order is over $100, so Shopbop is more generous in that sense. I guess this is a US based company after all.

I usually buy my jeans here at Nordstrom because they carry a lot of different variety and they are super comfortable. My favourite brand for jeans is definitely AG, and this pair is just amazing for summer, pair it with a white tee and you are pretty much good to go! If you have a classic blue jeans at home that is similar to this AG pair, you can get this Rag & Bone tee to go with it! It’s super classy. Another thing I am so crazy about right now, it’s having big full lips and I am sure you may have heard about the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and the matte collection is pretty much all sold out which is quite disappointing. The best alternative is this Charlotte Tilbury lip liner and it’s available on Nordstrom! What are the chances!

Another favorite shopping site is definitely ASOS, their sizes are so true to fit most of the time, and they always have the cutest summer clothes, especially this off the shoulder floral romper I’m loving right now!

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it can get overwhelming as you scroll down and head to another page, there are just so many products on the site and you will need to spend hours to finish your shopping. If you are interested in fun summer clothes and similar price range, you can head to Goodnight Macaroon which is an online boutique with a much smaller range but every piece looks super cute! This ‘Lance’ off the shoulder top is my favorite, it can go with a pair of white jeans and just a pair of sandals!

I hope you won’t mind my insanely long writing. Off to filming a new video now! See you all soon!



I love shopping from Shopbop too! I am impressed because I, too, live in the Philippines and my orders get delivered within 3-4 days, no fail. I now they’re a bit pricey but I always watch the Sale section because you can get great deals on designer pieces, if you’re lucky and quick!

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    Arent Shopbop the best? I love shopping online!

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