Outfit of the day: Air Max 2014.

Outfit of the day:
Coat – Goodnight Macaroon
Tee – Goodnight Macaroon
Leggings – GAP
Bag – Saint Laurent

Shoes –  Nike

I’ve been quite into dressing comfortably lately, wearing leggings A LOT and athletic inspired wear out and about. I am sure my dad will be very pleased! He used to lecture me on how heels will damage your feet. 

Honestly, I was quite the runner when I was young. I was totally the team hiking, team running, team treadmill etc. I even told Cody My cute little pup that I will run with him everyday! Failed. I even signed up to all gym / yoga membership every year. Like many others, I ended up going there once… to sign up. I can’t believe I am wearing sporty wear once again but for a whole new reason! For Fashion. Thank you Nike! You have made us very happy!

Here are my favourites!

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