Outfit of the day: Layering a shift dress is FUN!

Honestly, I had no idea how this look is going to turn out. But I think I certainly look like one of those air stewardess with their apron on! LOL… Well, I LOVE Stripes. I bought my stripe tee from Zara last season, but I am also loving this Tory Burch ‘Virginia’ Stripe Linen Tee and this Michael Kors Stripe Tee. I must say the Tory Burch one is quite over priced but I really really love it and surprisingly, Michael Kors tee is quite affordable! :O On the other hand, this dress that I am wearing is so PERFECT for my tiny 5 foot 1 figure. When I see the price, I was like Whattttt!!! $79 only!! cha-ching cha-ching you have my business!! What’s wrong with the pricing these days!!!
Oh by the way, I did a handbag review a while ago and received A LOT of request to do an individual review on each of my bag. If you are interested in me doing a review on this Kelly that I am wearing today. Email me at wifeyoffduty@gmail.com or comment below! xx
Outfit of the day
Eyewear – Karen Walker
Earrings – Chanel
Bag – Hermes Kelly 32

Dress c/o Goodnight Macaroon
Flats – Chanel

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