Outfit of the day with Cody: Nautical Notion / Zara Navy Blue Blazer & Gold Tip Chanel Classic Flats

Cody: Mum where do you think you are you going!? … ( This little monster keep photo bombing us so we had to hold him for a second, clearly he is not very happy… )
While I was walking Cody ( or he was walking us ) with my husband this afternoon, we thought we should take a few snap shots of my outfits. Because I must remind myself how hot of a weather it was, I must have been out of my mind for choosing this blazer to wear … Thanks god for hiding the glorious sunshine away…
Butttt today I feel extra royal because I am wearing the same Zara blazer as Kate Middleton. Ha! How special! I am also wearing a Hermes Kelly 28 and a classic Chanel flats in blue and gold.

Cody: You human! Don’t you dare leaving me alone again! * Rush to the arms *



so cute!!! your outfit is adorable.

Fash Boulevard

Such a cute outfit. I love that blazer. It has a nautical vibe. I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post and giveaway! http://www.fashboulevard.com/

Sweets & Style

Beautiful look! Love your style so much!!



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