Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Routine

There are so many skin care in the market that claims to be safe to use during pregnancy. But in terms of effectiveness, it’s always questionable. I personally tried this very popular maternity skin care brand for stretch marks preventions. But ended up with red spots and allergy reaction all over my belly. This is why I am sharing my skin care routine that works for sensitive skin, as well as proven to be safe to use through your pregnancy.

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My Skin Care Routine

I try to keep my entire skin care routine as simple as it can be for both day and night routine. Although I keep a lot of serums and treatments for targeted areas or only when needed.

First Step

The first step of my skin care routine is a mild facial cleanser, the Ultra Facial Cleanser is my current favorite as it cleanses my face without stripping away the moisture. It gets rid of blackheads so well too!

My skin type

Being pregnant has changed my skin type from oily / combination to more normal / dry. When I have break outs or more oily during summer, I use their Calendular facial cleanser, it is a gel form which leaves your skin really clean but it can dry out your skin if you wash more than two times a day.

After washing my face, I will pat on some toner, I am using the Calendular toner at the moment, it instantly moisturizes my skin after washing and prep for skin for the products I will be using next.


A new discovery would be this Hydro-plumping serum that I am loving. This product makes my skin bunny soft and the texture is truly one of a kind. You have to test it out!

For eyes, I am sticking with my Avocado eye cream, I have used this since the very begining and every application is such joy. The texture is creamy and finishes with a watery finish on your skin. You can literally feel the water sinking into your skin.


There are other serums or concentrates that I use sometimes at night when I feel the need to give my skin extra boost whether it’s moisturizing or brightening. I would be very careful with brightening effect especially if it has retinol in it.

These brightening products that I use from Keihl’s are proven to be safe and if you need extra reassurance, you can bring these products to your doctor and ask them about it. All the ingredients in Kiehl’s are safe for pregnancy except their blue herbal range for acne which we should always avoid anyways if you have sensitive skin. A alternative natural product for acne would be tea tree oil.

I know many women are a fan of Kiehl’s and it would be such a disappointment to discontinue using their skin care line during preganacy. I am glad to be reassured of how safe these products are and can’t wait to use throughout my whole pregnancy.



Hello Monica, wanted to ask if you tried Clarins brand skincare.


    Hi Sara,

    Yes I have in the past but unfortunately, I didn’t really like the heavy scents they have used in some of their products. x


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