South Sea Pearl Earrings

I would like to tell you the story behind how I fell in love with pearl earrings and why they’re my go-to-item for my everyday outfits.

luxy theory south sea pearl stud earrings 11-12mm

A Timeless Gift

My first pair of South Sea pearl earrings were hand-crafted by my dad. They were given to me as a present on my 21st birthday. My dad has been a jeweler and pearl enthusiast for several years. He frequently hand-crafts exquisite pieces for his clientele. Needless to say, I fell in love with my first set of South Sea pearl earrings. Apart from having significant sentimental value, my South Sea pearl earrings have become an indispensable jewelry piece for my everyday style.

Styling & Versatility

Honestly, it’s effortless. I have been wearing my South Sea pearl stud earrings almost every day over the past five years. They’re ever so versatile. I could match them with any of my outfits. If you have been following my Instagram, then you may already know my style, which borders on simple yet elegant. I often wear my South Sea pearl earrings when I post my outfit of the day. To an extent, I don’t think I can live without them. I would feel strange if I were not wearing them, as if something important was missing. I really can’t recommend them more!

A Mother’s Love

I started to learn about and source pearls when I found out that I was pregnant. I wanted to give my baby a better future. My family were telling me to take it easy but I think my maternal instincts got the better of me! My partner has been a dream because he’s so supportive of everything I do. I never thought having an accountant as my other half would make things so much easier.

A Signature Piece

Under my recently launched fashion brand, Luxy Theory, I’m sharing my love of South Sea pearls with you. I have a limited quantity of South Sea pearl earrings for sale. They’re brand new, hand-crafted and individually unique. Every pearl has it’s own story and character carved by the ocean! If you’re interested, you can view them here, South Sea pearl earrings. Also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions (please click here).


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