Take My Love Dress To Dinner.

Love Dress – ASOS | SunglassesRay-Ban | Belt – ASOS | Shoes – Chanel | Bag – Hermes 
Hey! It’s Friday! 🙂 I had a family dinner at JW Marriott Hotel today, and the food was great, service was beyond amazing and we had a 16-dishes course Chinese cuisine ( and that’s not including all the appetisers and desserts ). I couldn’t take a quick snap shot for every dish ( well, as I often forget to take out my camera before nom-ing, sorry lol ) I tried my best. I love my new dress with this wrap front detailing by Love. Got it from ASOS. :
This crab is amazing, it is a baked crabmeat with cheese and onion.

My favourite pair of Chanel flats, tweed body and champagne gold tip with the little cute bow and CC logo.
Me. Again. Looking all short and midget-like. yay 

This is a vegetarian dish called “vegetarian goose”, it is supposed to mimic the texture of the meaty goose, it taste amazing! The texture is similar to spring-roll stuffed with all the veggies like carrot & mushroom etc.
This is truffle oil scalloped with beans, capsicum and asparagus. Big yum!
The magical chinese soup that does wonder to your skin! It has all the collagen you need 😉
Fish that is much bigger than my hand.

This is considered a luxury dish in chinese cuisine, it’s sea cucumber! Apparently, it numbs my tongue after eating the sea cucumber, and gotta google about that. Fun fact?

Something like Peking Duck, but without all the peking if that makes sense LOL ( nope, it doesn’t. sorry I don’t know what’s it called. )

Oooooooo! This is my favourite dish! It’s crabmeat with Fungus.


Katarzyna Beata

nice dress and delicious food 🙂

kate&bee on fb


your dress is so gorgeous!
such a lovely look 🙂
the food looks so yummy

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