Tips on buying an Hermes birkin at the boutique

Luxy Theory How to buy your first birkin at the boutique

Tips on buying an Hermes birkin at the boutique

One of the most widely discussed topics in the Hermes-lover community would be ‘How did you get your Birkin?’ I for one once raised such a question when I first started hunting for a Birkin bag. Last month, I spent a few weeks in London and visited quite a few boutiques back and fourth, especially the one at New Bond Street. I made a few contacts with their sales and got their ‘hint’ to help you buying your first Birkin at the Hermes boutique.

The ‘Hint’

As a sale representative at Hermes, they are restricted from disclosing any information to customers. Especially topics on when they will get the delivery or which boutique has the most stock available. I was lucky enough to meet a very friendly sales this time in London who gave me a “hint” instead of disclosing anything specific. She said to me, “your best chance to get a birkin would be in early July and it would be almost hopeless to get one in June.” The best time would be Monday 11pm-3pm where they get delivery from Paris. My advise to you is that travel to Paris on the 1st July and they usually have more options there.

Tips on buying your first Birkin at the boutique:

  • Do not ask for a Birkin right away but do ask a lot of questions and slowly progress to bringing up the topic of you looking for a bag but not a birkin specifically.
  • Bring your partner and have him shop for menswear then progress onto shopping for a bag. Kindly ask him to tell the sales that he is looking for a bag as a gift, the sales will be more helpful especially when it comes to assisting a sweet man! This technique worked for two of my friends and they both got a Birkin!
  • Shop in July on a weekday early in the morning at 11pm.

However, as we all know Hermes plays hard to get! Even if you play their games right, you might still not get one unfortunately. Moreover, their available bags are really for collectors who are VIPs or are looking for special leather, sharp colors, bold color block etc. Their range is definitely not for women who loves a good classic bag with basic colors.

I lost patience when it comes to buying a bag from Hermes boutique. The price is certainly cheaper compare to a consignment store but Vestiaire Collectives has so many great deals, this online luxury platform has become my favorite shop to buy all my bags nowadays.

I just purchased a Birkin similar to this Etoupe Birkin in size 35. The color Etoupe is the most popular color among all, and if you were looking for an Etoupe birkin at the boutique, your chances are slim to none. I was not up for their waiting list either, waiting for years to get a bag is non sense to me. I got a beautiful Birkin for less than 10K USD on Vestiaire Collectives. I can’t wait to show you all in my next video on my channel @luxytheory!

Here are my list of best selling Birkins from Hermes on the site:

If you do have any tips on ‘How to buy a birkin at the Hermes boutique’ or did successfully got one from the boutique, do comment below and I would love to hear your stories!


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