Travel Essentials for Maldives + Shopbop 25% Off!

Work has been so busy lately but I am definitely not complaining when I know there is something so amazing to look forward to! I am going to Maldives with Vince on the 20th April ( which is in a few more days ) ! We can’t wait to share our first Travel Blog Post at Stuff I Wish S/He Would Wear and we will be filming our journey and uploading all our new videos onto our new Stuff I Wish channel! Apart from booking our trip with the help of TripAdvisor, I have also received a Shopbop discount code for all my lovely friends! Take 25% Off Everything Off on Shopbop today with code: INTHEFAM. As for your other half, Mens can take 30% Off via EASTDANE too! I have picked out my summer travel essentials for such a beautiful tropical beach destination! I hope you all enjoy these items!

Shopbop Travel Essentials for Maldives!

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