Unboxing My New Chanel Classic Flap Burgundy Purse

I got the new Burgundy Classic 2.55 Flap Bag in size small ( 12.5 X 20 X 7 cm ) in Caviar Calfskin with Silver Metal. Chanel is often fantastical, and there’s always something about Chanel that feels special no matter what. I love Hermes but Chanel is also my go-to bags when it comes to classics. It was a little more than $3000USD, a great value when it comes to luxury. Although the struggles to get a Chanel bag aren’t as legendary as those chronicled by Hermes customers, it’s still pretty hard to find the exact bag you’re look for most of the time. I was lucky enough to find my favourite burgundy red color in store today. Read more to find out what I got under my post.
The Item No is A69900Y0650097363

Price in HKD $24200
I got it on the 1/15/2015



Hey 🙂 I think you have such wonderful style and what a beautiful bag! Do you mind letting me know how much this bag cost in HKD? and a style number if you have it. Thanks, Michelle x


    Hi there! Sorry for my late response! I just saw the comment. It was $24200HKD. The style number on my receipt says A69900Y0650097363 xx


Hi Monica! Congrats on your purchase, she's a stunner! ! I was wondering whether the Classic Flap (medium size, caviar leather, gold hardware) in the same colour, burgundy red is available? or does it only come in the small size? Also, is this colour season specific or easily available all year round? I am aware the black goes out of stock very fast, hence wondering. Is there a price difference between the black caviar & the burgundy caviar?
I am planning to buy the bag from Paris in Nov/Dec and would really appreciate your help! Thank you. Xx. 🙂
Love from India.

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