Valentine’ Day Gift Idea For Her

We met on 2.14!?

Are you all excited for Valentine’s Day this year? Did you know 2.14 is is our anniversary? Vince and I celebrated last year Valentine’s Day as a couple for the first time. We had a spontaneous dinner because everywhere was booked out in advance. He got me macaroons as he didn’t know where to find roses in Hong Kong. He was only here for a short stay initially, ended up staying in Hong Kong permanently now. He promised me that he will find me roses and get them the next time we met which he did.


Valentine’s Day 2017

I am excited to see what he’s going to get for me this year! Probably nothing. Haha! I have put together a Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her ( for me ) It’s really made to make his life easier. Most guys need some guidance when it comes to picking gifts. Ladies, it’s time to pretend to read my blog in front of your boyfriend / husband / date and hint! Y’all know what I am talking about! We are too smart to just tell him what we want! ✌️😂 #victory

Simply click on the item in the image below



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Karen Wongy

OMG, I love how you actually linked the url of the various web on the pics! Great effort and love ya! <3

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