Weekend Getaway – Phuket

H&M Goodnight Macaroon Luxy Theory Summer Outfit Beach Travel Ideas

Luxy Theory Beach Mood Summer Photography

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Luxy Theory Beach Outfit Summer Thailand Phuket Trip Travel Outfit Ideas

Luxy Theory H&M 2016 Shorts Summer Outfit Ideas

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Goodnight Macaroon White Chiffon Blouse // H&M Embroidered Shorts // Chanel bag // Saint Laurent Sunglasses  ( more aviators on Nordstrom )

Last week, out of no where, I asked Vince if he wanted to go on a trip ( like in a few hours ). He was stunned by my crazy idea but says yes anyways. So, we booked a trip to The Naka Phuket and packed our bags within an hour. We had the most amazing time ever! He did another room tour for the hotel we booked, and I will link here when it’s ready! For the time being, you can head over to my channel and watch his Upper House Tour.
In past years, I would have strayed away from wearing flip flops and sandals, not even in summer time. But guess what, I am starting to love sandals again! I don’t know if y’all have noticed, there has been so many pom pom sandals lately! My favourite ones are 1) Santorini Pom Pom Sandals 2) Goodnight Macaroon Pom Pom Sandals 3) Embellished Pom Pom Sandals. They are the PERFECT shoes to dress up any outfit this summer! Don’t miss out on getting these as they tend to sell out quickly!

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