When is the best time to post on Instagram?

As we all know that timing is everything, so I am going to share some of my tips and when is the best time to post on Instagram today. I managed three accounts one being my online clothing store account @goodnightmacaroon, one is my lifestyle & fashion blog account @luxytheory and one is for Raeon International Limited @raeonintl, they specialises in residential & commercial project sales and marketing for international developments. 

Timing. It takes practice to know when is the best time to post for your target market. I learnt from managing those accounts that I mentioned above due to the fact that they all work in different time zones. For @raeonintl and @luxytheory, I target towards Asia as well as Australian market, whereas @goodnightmacaroon, I tend to work with the US time / worldwide. If you’re posting a lot of photos in a row (more than once a day, several days in a row, etc.) be cognisant of your likes, comments, and followers. After a while you will find what times allows you to fully engage your current audience, and new audiences.

Use a schedulling app like Latergramme when you know you won’t have time to post at a key point in the day. The app will send you a push notification at the scheduled time of post and send you straight to Instagram for posting with the photo and caption ready and waiting.
Latergramme analyzed approximately 61,000 posts to find out which uploads got the most likes and comments. So here are the best time (EST) to post on Instagram if you want a worldwide audience:
Generally: 2am and 5pm EST throughout the week
Best: Wednesday 5pm
Monday: 7pm or 10pm
Tuesday: 3am or 10pm
Friday: 1am or 8pm
It makes sense that 5pm is prime social media time, since many people are heading home from work and have the time to scroll through News Feeds.
Another approach which makes more sense if you are targeting locally:
Morning 7am-9am: morning hours are a good time to post, because everyone is just waking up and most people ( including myself ) can’t resist checking their phones to see what they missed while they were sleeping.
Midday 11am-2pm: around the lunch hour is when people get a break to do what they want, and that often includes checking social media.
Evenings, 5pm-7pm: after school and work, people get the chance to relax. People may start checking their phones while they sit in transit or in front of the TV just before dinner time.
Favorite  Photo-Editing apps:
  • Afterlight: A fan favorite. Afterlight takes and edits beautiful photos. With tons of editing tools and a library of features, you can make practically any photo ‘gramable.
  • VSCO Cam: For the minimalist. VSCO Cam has an array of useful photo taking and editing tools and allows you to combine and control the intensity of each according to your preference.
  • Facetune: The app that can fix anything. Whether you want to change the brightness or remove a shadow on your face, Facetune has the tools. Warning: With Facetune’s wide range of editing tools, from a skin smoothing feature to a reshaping feature that can literally turn a frown upside down, it’s easy to go overboard. 
Comment below if it works or if you have any more questions for me or you can email me at luxytheory@gmail.com


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