Why I wouldn’t invest in an expensive mini red bag

Awhile ago, I invested in a classic Celine Box in red and seldom wore it. At the end I had to sell it and I sold it for less than $1000 when I got it for $3800… With deep regrets, I told myself not to get a red bag anymore. For one, the Celine box bag was so tiny and it wouldn’t fit much.

This year, I met a new bag which is this cute little Nano bag from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection. It costs about 15K in Hong Kong. ( approx. 2K USD ) I just couldn’t let myself waste so much on a tiny bag once again. It wouldn’t even fit my wallet…

Here is what I have planned, I am not going to buy this bag. Instead, I will get a cheaper version of a cute red bag with quality leather.

I am really considering on getting this cute quilted bag for less than $50 USD or  this semi luxury Tory Burch Mini Robinson. But really, I think this Michael Kors Sloan Bag suits me best. What do you think? Let me know!


Sherrie hoo

I would say go for Michael Kors. It has the resemblance of Celine box too. I think it would worth the purchase to get something that fits you better.


    Thank you for your quick response! I think Michael Kors is worth the purchase too, but not too sure about the size. It looks slightly bigger than the LV Nano. xx


I love mini red bags too! But you are not the first one that voice they can’t use much of the bag because it’ s hard to match the outfit! I recently just got a small black chanel boy. love ittttttt

By the way, love the blog and your preggo posts, we are pretty close in our pregnancy 🙂



    Small Chanel’s are the best! I actually wanted to get one in red but I just couldn’t, I would rather buy a black one too! It’s hard when you see so many cute looks with red mini bags! Congrats on your pregnancy! Im now week 28! Hope everything goes well for you! Keep in touch! Just followed your IG xx


I’ve got the mini square chanel in pinky red & still loving it! :p The mini 3.1 Philip lim is very cute though. Apart from that, I think the tory burch mini is a great choice 🙂


    Thank you Xinny! I agree! I love the 3.1 Philip Lim too but didn’t want to spend so much on a semi luxury brand, I am just not a fan for the mid range products. Found a super cute red bag $120 on shopbop but the only thing I don’t like is that it’s suede leather. Other than that, the shape is perfect! Oh well, for $120 I am good with that! XD


I don’t think Celine holds their value as much as Chanel/LV/Hermes! Yay for not caving in and buying the nano LV! I know I would’ve! hehe.


    It was tough!! I love that nano! xx

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