Your Guide to Buying Your First Classic Hermes Bag ( it doesn’t have to be a birkin )

A guide to buying your first hermes bag


Your Guide to Buying Your First Classic Hermes Bag ( it doesn’t have to be a birkin )

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Here is my go-to list if you are looking to buy your first Hermès bag, these options are very affordable for Hermes and they are mostly vintage. They are all from trusted sellers so they are 100% Authentic. I personally do not trust eBay.

When I first introduced to a Hermés, I automatically would think of a birkin or a kelly. But I fell hard for a Garden Party in size 30. It is really practical, easy to style and you don’t have to unlock 5000 times before reaching to your wallet. I love all designs to be honest, I adore a cute constance, but it is very similar to Celine’s Box aka not practical especially for someone like me who would carry a long wallet. I do enjoy carrying a cute shoulder bag like Lindy as well but not as much as a classic traditional handbag like my Garden Party. I did a What’s in my bag video with my Garden Party size 30 in Gold. You can see how much things I fit into that cute little bag.

Hermès Box Kelly Sellier 32 ( Black )

Hermès Lindy 34 ( Etoupe Clemence )

Hermès Bolide 35 ( Black )

Hermès Kelly Retourne 32

Hermès Birkin 30 (Cigare Togo leather Hermès Birkin 30)

Hermés Twilly Garden Party PM ( Brown Swift Leather )

Hermès Jige 29

Hermès Kelly Retourne 35 (Canopee Clemence leather)

Hermès Clemence Lindy 34

Hermès Lindy 30 ( Rose Dragee swift leather ) Love this!

Hermès Vintage Crocodile Kelly 32

Cheap options for a Garden Party, Starting from $800+ usd:


classic hermes bag-02


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