1. Burberry London Wrap 2. Michael Kors Mercer Large Tote 3. Wool Turtleneck Sweater 4. 18K Gold Plated Twisted Bracelet 5. Stan Smith Sneakers 6. Splendid Voile Track Pants

10% Off Everything today with Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter has remained as one of my all time favorite online shopping website. I always choose their same day delivery option and they always promise to deliver before 5pm. Today, I am sharing an amazing insider deal with you.


Promotion: 10% off on all orders over $300 / $1000 HKD
Discount Code: APP10

*Offer ends on Monday the 12th Sept at 23:59 


Brands that are not included in this promotion: Tiffany & Co., Balenciaga, Gucci, Chloe, Prada, Alaia, Eres and Mansur Gavriel.

But as you can see, a lot of other brands ARE INCLUDED! For instance, this beautiful Burberry Wrap Cape and this new Michael Kors Mercer Large Tote which I have included in this fall outfit idea. I just placed my first order in a long time using this discount code [ APP10 ]. I can’t wait to share my Net-A-Porter order with you all on my channel!

sergio rossi louis vuitton luxy theory goodnight macaroon Norah Off the shoulder top

Goodnight Macaroon Off the shoulder top // James Jeans White Skinny Jeans ( Also loving these Paige Maternity Jeans in white, but make sure you take your usual size. I ordered size 26 when I am usually a 25. It ended up to be at least 2 sizes too big! ) // Sergio Rossi Godiva Pumps // louis vuitton capucines bb

Hiding away the extra weight I have put on around my waist in my early pregnancy has been my only styling goal lately. From week 10 onwards, I started noticing a small bump, mostly filled with gas though. LOL! You may not be able to tell, but I gave up buttoning up my jeans for a few weeks now. I just have this fear in me that these skinny jeans that I usually wear will suffocate my child because they are often just too tight! I have put together four looks that are perfect for mommy-to-be for the first trimester! FYI, I am only wearing heels if I have important meetings, otherwise I am always wearing sneakers or flats. Here are my current favorites!

bb dakota wrap jacket cardigan white jeans outfit pinterest ankle booties boots fall outfit ideas louis vuitton

BB Dakota Jacket // White Skinny Jeans // Goodnight Macaroon Reese Ankle Boots // louis vuitton capucines bb

This BB Dakota Jacket is probably my favorite from my recent Shopbop order. The price is so affordable and it really is a cozy wrap! These new ankle boots is in such a beautiful olive green suede leather, I am so going to wear these all the time when it’s cooler!

fall outfit ideas luxy theory jimmy choo lace pumps goodnight macaroon heather gray sweater outfit white jeans

Goodnight Macaroon Sweater // White Skinny Jeans // Jimmy Choo Lace Pumps // louis vuitton capucines bb

Chunky crewneck sweaters are one of my favorite tops ever, especially when trying to hide away those rounder belly! Did I mention they are super warm too! Definitely will be wearing it more often in Winter time!

shopbop outfit fall goodnight macaroon jeans jimmy choo luxy theory

Goodnight Macaroon Damia Skinny Jeans // Ella Moss Nete Bell Sleeve Blouse – Black // Jimmy Choo Pumps

Ever since my last Club Monaco blouse, I fell in love with black bell sleeves. This one with a feminine sheer fabric, slightly different from the Club Monaco top. Black is always a safe choice! Did I mention how I absolutely love my new jeans? They fit like a glove, makes my legs 10 times skinnier and they are the only pair that gives me these cute jigsaw hems! I hope you all enjoy my first pregnancy outfit idea post to get you all ready for fall and many more to come! Stay tuned! xx

It was Tuesday morning on the 12th July, this day changes everything.

I went to my OB/Gyno early in the morning and found out I was pregnant!?

I haven’t been feeling too well lately, especially after my London trip. I was having mild cramps at my abdominal area which I rarely experience even with period on its way, sleeping for 20 hours a day. I was just feeling really tired. I went online and look up my symptoms. The results started showing ‘early pregnancy’.

But I didn’t even thought I was able to conceive because of my PCOS. I quickly ruled that out. This led me to thinking I must be in big trouble, if I am not pregnant, I am most likely having some serious conditions. I needed to go check ASAP!

I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and it was quite a bad one. Usually women who are overweight can improve their conditions significantly by having a better diet or losing a few pounds. However, I was not overweight which means if I lose a few pounds I might even become underweight. The doctor told me that my conditions were worse than women who are overweight with PCOS. The cause was not found as everything seem normal from my blood test. I quickly assumed it must have been stress from work.

I have very irregular periods, in fact I have had only one normal period in six months. Sometimes I will experience some spotting in between. Hence, I wasn’t even ovulating and my doctor was saying if I want a baby in the future, it can get more difficult to conceive as they will need to prescribe me with fertility drug to stimulate an ovulation and success rate is lower too.

For those of you who didn’t know about my past ( if you want to know more about my marriage and divorce, you can watch my Get to know me video that I posted in the past ), I was divorced few years ago and I did also try for a baby back then for a year without success. So I know conceiving naturally was not an option for me.

This is what happened

I went into my OB, and she started with ultrasound and said my uterus lining was so thick she could barely see anything! She asked about the date of my last period and I said maybe May or June, I don’t know. She then said this doesn’t look like a two month “blockage”. You need to induce a period with Provera right away. This is important because if women let lining to build up without taking contraceptive pills or Provera. It can lead to ovarian cancer and in my case, if I don’t take care of my condition and induce a period monthly, I will most likely have cancer by the age of 30.

This is where all the fun starts

She asked if I did a pregnancy test, I said no. Of course because I thought I can’t have a baby naturally. But as a doctor, she recommends taking a test anyways to rule out any possibilities.

Nothing is impossible in this ordinary world

I came back from leaving her with my sample, and we sat down for a chat as usual. She is always friendly! She started saying ok the test is not ready, let’s give it a few more minutes. I have never heard her saying that, she usually goes with ok ‘not pregnant’, let’s go ahead with this and that. I have done a few tests in the past with her as I have an irregular period, she will always do a pregnancy test before prescribing me with any medications needed at the time.

She turned around from her little Alere HcG Urine test and asked, “Are you having the baby if you do become pregnant?”. I answered yes quickly as abortion was never in my list and I truly believe every baby is a gift from God. She then turned around and smiled. She said great! Congratulations then! You are pregnant!

Wait, WHAT!?

I was so surprised, having mixed feelings, but really extremely happy about the news. I was shaking. I quickly wanted to run out and tell Vince who was sitting down at the reception area waiting for me. My doctor stopped me and said “Sit down, I know you are excited but let’s go through what you can and cannot eat!” This sounded important so I sat. Still shaking by the way.

She prescribed me a 2 month supply of Folic Acids

These little pills look so cute, I didn’t get much sleep last night. But somehow, after taking my first folic acid supplement, I feel less tired and also sleep better. Maybe I just feel relieved after knowing I wasn’t dying. 

This Changes Everything

luxy theory pregnant BFP! Early Pregnancy Result Positive Test Pregnancy Blog Mom Blogger

If I did a test at home, I won’t ever think that would consider as a positive test result AT ALL. I was like is there even a line!? She said you are quite early on I would suggest you to get a blood test as well to check how far along you are as well as monitor your progress. As 1 out of 50 pregnancies fall into ectopic pregnancy where it can endanger the mother’s life. Oh, thank you. That doesn’t sound worrying at all. Eek.

So it’s done for the day

I walked out slowly and looked at Vince from far. He asked so How was it? We both looked at each other and knew the answer. You should have seen our faces, it was priceless. The true face of million mixed feelings altogether but all in all really excited and happy for our new little miracle. I hope my little bean is all well, and I hope to share my journey with you all! I hope this can be a place to keep all my friends and family updated. Comment below if you are expecting too or share your pregnancy stories if you don’t mind! I would love to hear them all!

Luxy Theory How to buy your first birkin at the boutique

Tips on buying an Hermes birkin at the boutique

One of the most widely discussed topics in the Hermes-lover community would be ‘How did you get your Birkin?’ I for one once raised such a question when I first started hunting for a Birkin bag. Last month, I spent a few weeks in London and visited quite a few boutiques back and fourth, especially the one at New Bond Street. I made a few contacts with their sales and got their ‘hint’ to help you buying your first Birkin at the Hermes boutique.

The ‘Hint’

As a sale representative at Hermes, they are restricted from disclosing any information to customers. Especially topics on when they will get the delivery or which boutique has the most stock available. I was lucky enough to meet a very friendly sales this time in London who gave me a “hint” instead of disclosing anything specific. She said to me, “your best chance to get a birkin would be in early July and it would be almost hopeless to get one in June.” The best time would be Monday 11pm-3pm where they get delivery from Paris. My advise to you is that travel to Paris on the 1st July and they usually have more options there.

Tips on buying your first Birkin at the boutique:

  • Do not ask for a Birkin right away but do ask a lot of questions and slowly progress to bringing up the topic of you looking for a bag but not a birkin specifically.
  • Bring your partner and have him shop for menswear then progress onto shopping for a bag. Kindly ask him to tell the sales that he is looking for a bag as a gift, the sales will be more helpful especially when it comes to assisting a sweet man! This technique worked for two of my friends and they both got a Birkin!
  • Shop in July on a weekday early in the morning at 11pm.

However, as we all know Hermes plays hard to get! Even if you play their games right, you might still not get one unfortunately. Moreover, their available bags are really for collectors who are VIPs or are looking for special leather, sharp colors, bold color block etc. Their range is definitely not for women who loves a good classic bag with basic colors.

I lost patience when it comes to buying a bag from Hermes boutique. The price is certainly cheaper compare to a consignment store but Vestiaire Collectives has so many great deals, this online luxury platform has become my favorite shop to buy all my bags nowadays.

I just purchased a Birkin similar to this Etoupe Birkin in size 35. The color Etoupe is the most popular color among all, and if you were looking for an Etoupe birkin at the boutique, your chances are slim to none. I was not up for their waiting list either, waiting for years to get a bag is non sense to me. I got a beautiful Birkin for less than 10K USD on Vestiaire Collectives. I can’t wait to show you all in my next video on my channel @luxytheory!

Here are my list of best selling Birkins from Hermes on the site:

If you do have any tips on ‘How to buy a birkin at the Hermes boutique’ or did successfully got one from the boutique, do comment below and I would love to hear your stories!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 Women Clothing Shoes Bags Watches Under $50 Luxy Theory

1. Topshop ‘Herb’ Lace Up Sandals // 2. BP. grosgrain band straw boater hat // 3. BCBG Point Toe Pumps // 4. BP. Gold Bracelet Watch ( Women ) // 5. Striped Tote // 6. Topshop Burgundy Crepe Tee // 7.  Topshop Kate Point Toe Flats // 8. Topshop Classic Pumps // 9. BP. Floral Square Scarf

Shop Nordstrom Sale

We are less than a month away from the BIG Anniversary SALE on Nordstrom! On July 22 – August 7 ( Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates for Public Access 2016 ) , it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Get ready to first check out the Nordstrom Rack where all the big discount begins! For me, my first click is definitely the Nordstrom Petite Dresses! If you need more outfit inspirations before shopping for petite clothes, make sure to follow my Pinterest Boards where I share outfit ideas for petites!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog

Three weeks from now is too long! I couldn’t help but to shop at the clearance sale already! Nordstrom Sale always offer great deals on women’s clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. All the items I have picked for you is under $50! Pull out your white jeans for summer and pair it with this Topshop Burgundy Crepe Tee for $29.99 only!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ‘Gift Ideas for Her’ – Under $50

You all know how much I love silk scarves, especially square scarves! ( read my How to tie a square scarf post here ) I am in love with this BP. Floral Square Scarf  and it’s on 50% off! It also makes the perfect gift if you need a hand with picking the perfect gift for her!

Nordstrom Women’s Watches

I don’t own many watches apart from my one and only Cartier. However, I am always a big fan of gold bracelet watches, this BP. Gold Bracelet Watch is so chic and under $50! When the Nordstrom Anniversary begins, you should not miss the Women’s Watches section!

image2 (7)

navy blue sweater // Theory Ambrisia cropped crepe wide-leg pants // Chanel Boy New Medium // Dolce Vita Platform Sandals ( Similar Marina Slingback Platform Sandals by Michael Kors )

Luxy THeory London Wide Leg Pants For Petite

Wide Leg Pants For Petite Women

Hi friends! Landed in London safely and loving every bit of it! I quickly went back to hotel and freshen up. The weather has been absolutely amazing, 21 degrees with some sun up until 9pm! I decided to wear my favorite pair of wide leg pants from Theory which is a brand that works very well for petite women. I found another pair of similar white wide leg culottes from ASOS three times cheaper! These wide leg trousers are everywhere! It is so classy and perfect for petites! They will go with a any nice dark color blouses or simple tees. London is slightly cooler than expected, so I wore a nice thin navy blue sweater to go with the look.

Been walking around London all day, it was nice seeing different people getting off work wearing different wide leg culottes in Oxford Street. I guess these wide leg culottes are work appropriate after all.


luxy theory Pink Chanel Bag | Monthly Favorites sandals chanel pink vintage classic bag pom pom sandals summer outfit ideas fashion women's clothing review bag review1. Suze Strappy Sandals ( Also loving these Saskia Strappy Sandals! ) 2. Chanel Classic Small Bag in Pink ( Vestiaire Collective has so many great deals! It’s my favorite luxury bag website! ) ( Also comes in Chanel tan brown with gold hardware ( vintage )  3. 18K Diamond Pearl Stud Earrings 4. Barbie doll pink Chanel vintage bag 5. Enida Sandals 6. ‘Posh’ Embellished pom pom lace up sandals 7. Classic Victoria Sunglasses 8. Glam Skinny Jeans in white 9. Blank Denim Skinny Ankle Jeans 10. Pink off the shoulder dress 11. Blush pink tee by Vince 12. Dolman Top by Vince

Pink Chanel Bag | Monthly Favorites

I am obsessed with Pink Chanel bags lately, and found two super cute Chanel small bags online at such a great deal. After all, it really isn’t about the price when it comes to rare Chanel collectibles. I like mix and matching luxury pieces with laid-back clothing, not necessarily lounge-wear, but it has to be made of great quality for sure.

I love wearing casual basics especially when they are made of super soft material. The Vince Dolman Top comes in two basic colors that goes with almost any jeans in your closet. I am glad that these basic essentials has made to my Monthly Favorites.



Luxy Theory Dubai Park Hyatt Room View Review Travel Tips

You’re going to have to forgive me.

I still have one more adventure to share with you before heading to London. We decided to stay in Dubai for a day before hopping onto the continuous flight with Emirates.

Best Hotel in Dubai for Couples

We booked a room at the Park Hyatt Dubai from TripAdvisor which has the best rate as always.

luxy theory dubai park hyatt


Luxy Theory Park Hyatt Dubai H&M Bikini Dubai Travel Wanderlust summer travel luxury blogger

Here I am writing up my blog post by the pool.

As a luxury traveller, this is by far my favourite hotel. I can not recommend it enough for anyone willing to recharge after a busy day. It was everything you’d expect from a five star hotel.

We stayed one night to break up a flight to the UK from Hong Kong and opted for the Park Hyatt due to its proximity to the airport. We took the airport taxi ( a very nice lady and our taxi was in pink! ) and cost us around AED 35. The total journey from airport to Park Hyatt was less than 15 minutes even with traffic.


We were offered the highest floor with a great river view upon arrival. The check-in was smooth and we were offered to have a drink while we wait for the room to be ready which took less than 5 minutes. The room was very luxurious, I spot the huge bathtub as soon as I entered the room.

luxy theory luxury hotel park hyatt dubai room pictures fashion and lifestyle travel blogger

Apparently the best time to travel to Dubai is during March or November when the weather isn’t 50 degree! We are actually having a 35 degree “winter” right now.