Luxy Theory 2015 Holiday Gift Guide For Her

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Hi girls! If your boyfriend or husband is next to you, it’s time to share your screen! I have picked 10 Can’t-Go-Wrong items to go onto my first Holiday Gift Guide! Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas are all around the corner, there has been a lot of sales and promotions going on lately. I might start doing some research and gather all the sales from all my favourite stores in the next few days. Let me know if you will be interested in that. But for now,  here are some ideas for Gift For Her. My favourite from the list is definitely the Maison Crossbody by Gigi New York which comes in 7 fabulous easy-to-style colors, its a great size and I am a small crossbody bag lover, so this is perfect for me! My other favourite is definitely a pair of Stone Stud Earrings, its a great alternative to my staple Australian South Sea Pearl Earrings that I wear on a daily basis. This Blue stone Earrings are not on the list, but definitely worth a try too! It has this vintage antique inspired looking to it. I am dying to get a pair! Stay tuned for my next post! It’s time to hide your screen away from your loved ones, because it’s time to surprise him! Stay tuned for my Holiday Gift Guide For Him tomorrow!

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